Relate Love Lab #19

Relate Love Lab #19

A roadmap to love, sex and intimacy

Relates populära onlineserie för alla som vill bli bättre på romantiska relationer
JAN 24, 2022 7-8 PMLIVE PÅ ZOOM

Why is our love life such a complicated area to navigate?

The thing we want most of all is also filled with challenges, pitfalls and disappointments - and no one has really prepared us for the task!

Knowing your own patterns of relating is a powerful key to create better, more loving and connected relationships. The more you know about your owns needs and why you react like you do, the more you’re able to attract the right partner and create the relationship you truly want.

This evening will teach you how you unconsciously avoid connection and what you can do to come back into presence. With this new roadmap you’ll be able to meet people from an open, centred and authentic place, from where love, sex and intimacy can truly thrive.

Amongst other you’ll:

  • Get to understand your avoidant strategies
  • Discover the root cause of why things get stuck
  • Experience the roles you play in relationship
  • Find ways to make more conscious choices