Our story & secret purpose

About Relate

Relate is a purpose-driven relationship tech company based in Stockholm. We were founded in 2018 by the self-leadership company SelfLeaders together with a couple of purpose-driven entrepreneurs with the goal of developing scalable digital services to help people into more conscious and meaningful romantic relationships - based on the thesis that this begins with first looking inward and getting clarity in what we need, how we are and how we want to live.

It started with a new type of dating app that matches and brings singles together on a deeper level with personal values. It continued with a podcast that in each episode interviews relationship experts, an online workshop series with relationship psychologists and then a relationship development app for couples. Today, we see ourselves as a thought-leading relationship company with the ambition to lead a societal change in how we view dating and relationships, first in Sweden, and then the world.

Our mission

Our high-tech everyday life puts us in touch with more people than ever before, but rarely contributes to depth and satisfaction in our relationships. On the contrary, the connection is usually superficial and we often get stuck in distractions. Thus we miss the human contact, meaningfulness and understanding that we seek and need.

Research shows that it is to a large part our relationships that make us happy. We agree with the researchers and are convinced that the quality of our lives correlates with the quality of our relationships.

We started Relate to, together with psychologists and relationship experts, develop the best tools and spread the knowledge from relationship research. We see before us a more conscious, wise and authentic world with a deeper connection and understanding between us humans.

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Our "secret" purpose

There is a bigger purpose behind Relate that is about more than just making people happier. We live in an enormously fast-changing, complex and uncertain world. A world that requires a different mindset and a higher consciousness in us humans in order for us to be able to navigate and thrive together.

We work closely with Harvard Professor of Psychology Robert Kegan who has helped us humans understand that there are five different levels of human consciousness and meaning-making. Unfortunately, 70% of us never get past the third level that Kegan calls “the Socialized Mind” - when the image of ourselves is shaped primarily by how we want others to perceive us. A way of thinking that makes us constantly compare ourselves with others and which, in addition to often leading to anxiety and depression, reduces our ability to handle the complexity and uncertainty we increasingly live in today.

Using personal development tools such as personal values, our goal and greater purpose is to help people enter the fourth level of consciousness and meaning-making, which Kegan calls "the Self-Authoring Mind". A way of thinking where, instead of comparing ourselves with others, we become more grounded in ourselves, have our own moral compass and evaluate our behavior according to our inner values.

Our hope is not only that Relate will help people to be more prosperous through better relationships, but that it can also be a tool that helps us as a human being to develop our consciousness and meaning-making to a more mature level. To be able to better navigate and thrive in the world we live in and to be able to achieve the UN's global goals for a sustainable future together.

Vision & values

Here is our vision and values for how we work as a team and company. They are in English because we are an international team with global ambitions and have English as an internal language (the apps are available in both Swedish and English).

Our vision

A more loving, authentic and inclusive world with deeper human connection and understanding.

Our values

We love radical transparency, we don'tt fear judgment
  • Trust and hug each other
  • Be authentic and embrace your weirdness
  • Listen to understand
We love to challenge, we don't fear the imperfect
  • Aim too high
  • Push too early, feel ashamed and learn
  • Lazer focus: Intentions, MITs, and 80/20 rule
We love our fans, we do not fear our critics
  • Deliver WOW
  • Actively seek and give feedback
  • 100 raving fans are worth more than 10k who sort of like us

Meet the team

Relate was founded in June 2018 by a group of purpose- and value-driven entrepreneurs together with the leadership company SelfLeaders. Today, we are part of Norrsken House - Europe's largest hub for impact tech startups - purpose-driven companies whose activities contribute to creating a positive change for the world, society or us humans.

Psychologists & experts

For us it is important that what we do has scientific evidence and we collaborate and co-create with a large number of psychologists, professors and relationship experts. Here are some of them.

Partners & friends

Since the start, we have received fantastic help from some of Sweden's sharpest organizations and initiatives. We believe in co-creation and are always open to value-creating collaborations.

Our investors

We have had the great privilege of getting on board some of Sweden's biggest private investors who are also purpose- and value-driven. Most have been involved since 2018, they strongly believe in our mission and continue to support us.