About Us

Relate's purpose

At Relate, we are passionate about helping people find love that is truly fulfilling. Founded in 2018, our innovative digital services are designed to facilitate self-discovery and provide clarity on personal needs - empowering you to cultivate conscious and meaningful relationships. Join us on this journey towards a more fulfilling love life!

Our values

Våra värderingar
  • We embrace radical transparency, building a culture of openness and honesty
  • Fearlessly welcome judgment, valuing constructive feedback as an opportunity to improve.
  • Prioritize trust and mutual support.
  • Celebrate authenticity and encourage everyone to embrace their unique quirks
  • Truly believe in listening to understand.

Our vision

We have a vision of a world where love, authenticity and inclusivity thrive, and where human connections are deep and meaningful. Our mission is to create a world where people truly understand and care for each other.

Join us on our journey to make this world a reality, and be a part of a movement towards a brighter and more connected future.

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