Strengthen your relationship

A relationship app for you and your partner to strengthen your relationship, with fun and research-based daily challenges.

Relate Boost

Develop your relationship with scientific exercises

Relate Boost
Relate Boost

"I thought we talked about everything already, but we learned things about each other. I think that was great."

- Henrik & Moa, together for 7 years

"The app adds a lot and I feel closer to Nils afterwards."

- Ann-Sofie & Nils, married for 30 years

"It became a discussion forum that we usually do not have when we fry meatballs in the evening."

- Johanna & Peter, together for 6 years

"It feels like we have come closer to each other in just these three times."

- Fredrik & Malin, together for 3 years

"I found out things I did not know about my partner."

- Sam & Carl, together for 6 months

"Unlike other times I received feedback in the relationship, I was not in a defensive position."

- William & Nicole, together for 3 years

Why use Relate Boost?

  • Helps you get closer to each other
  • Strengthens your relationship through simple assignments every day
  • Creates space for more time together in your relationship
  • Helps you understand each other better through tests and models
  • Gives you assignments from licensed relationship psychologists
  • Makes you better at talking about your relationship

How does it work?

  1. Connect with your partner

    Start your journey by syncing your phones in the app. Relate Boost is your own place to invest in your relationship and find new ways to see and understand each other.

  2. Choose boosts and get daily assignments

    With the help of relationship researchers and psychologists, we have developed a number of boosts. A boost consists of a series of daily assignments that help you talk about important things and bring you closer to each other.

  3. Follow your development together

    All your results and activities are saved in a common relationship overview that you can return to to be reminded of your insights. See and feel the difference in closeness and understanding after each boost.

What does it cost?

It costs nothing to use and explore content in Relate Boost.

Is it safe? How do you use my data?

Valuesmatch AB is a Swedish registered company that follows all rules set in Sweden and the EU in accordance with the GDPR. Since 2018, we have worked to connect singles in Relate Date in a safe way, without intrusion and without data leaks. We work proactively and continuously to make the app better and more secure for your experience. And should you delete your account, we will delete all data within 90 days in accordance with the GDPR.