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Meet the right partner based on your values - a more meaningful way to date.

Relate Date

Dating on values

Relate Date
Relate Date

"Great with another concept! Feels more serious and becomes more focused on the person. No pastime of swiping.

Has a very good feeling spontaneously, feels safe, respectful and encourages safer and deeper contact. With less stress, more focus - less scroll.

I love knowing about my potential matches values. ✨

Relate is the best and most worthy dating app I have used so far and the men I chat with are nice."

Relate Date is Sweden's new dating alternative for us who are tired of the superficial swiping and want a better and more meaningful way to get deeper contact with other singles who are looking for a long-term relationship.

Relate is a research-based Swedish relationship company that wants to help people to better and more meaningful love relationships. Through our podcast Så kan det gå, article series on the website, and our webinar series Relate Love Lab, you can learn to get better at relationships, and as soon as you meet someone you can develop and deepen your contact and relationship in the app Relate Boost.

Why use Relate Date?

  • Makes you stop swiping profiles infinitly
  • Gives you a number of carefully selected profiles every day
  • Helps you get deeper contact with other singles
  • Makes you understand yourself and others better through your values
  • Makes you focus on what is important to you in a relationship
  • Encourage you to talk about what is important first

How does it work?

  1. Map your values

    With the help of a research-based tool, you get help to select and express your values - what is most important to you in life. Why values?

  2. New selected profiles every day

    Every day we send out a number of carefully selected people we think you will click with. We start with 15, with premium you get 30.

  3. Talk about what's important

    With values as a common starting point, the contact becomes deeper and it becomes easier to feel if it is a good match. In addition, the conversations become more meaningful, personally developing and above all more fun.

Why does it work?

Meeting someone whom you share many values with basically means that you have a similar view of how you want to live your lives. It can be difficult in the long run if you are too different. If e.g. one constantly needs adventure and exploring new things, while the other mostly wants to feel safe, relax and take it easy.

Conversations about values increase empathy and understanding for each other, which contributes to stronger emotional closeness and contact. The conversations also help you to both clarify and anchor what is important to you in life.

Leading relationship experts have shown that common values, and by that a stronger understanding of each other, is the most crucial factor for a happy and sustainable relationship. Our research-based evaluation methodology has been used by more than 100,000 people where we have clearly seen how the conversations take understanding and consensus to new levels.

With Relate, we want to contribute to the creation of a more conscious, genuine and understanding world filled with deeper encounters and relationships. A world where more people dare to be themselves, where we feel seen for who we really are and feel a deep connection with others. Welcome to the community!

What does it cost?

You can use Relate completely free of charge and get 15 carefully selected profiles every day, chat with those you match and everything it includes. With premium, you get 30 profiles every day where you can also put more advanced filtering on the ones you get such as. values, habits, children, etc. You can also see everyone who has already related to you, see if your messages have been read, and a number of other nice benefits in the app from SEK 95 / month.

Is it safe? How do you use my data?

Valuesmatch AB is a Swedish registered company that follows all rules set in Sweden and the EU in accordance with the GDPR. Since 2018, we have worked to connect singles in a safe way, without intrusion and without data leaks. We work proactively and continuously to make the app better and more secure for your experience. And should you delete your account, we will delete all data within 90 days in accordance with the GDPR.

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