Why Values

With values as a starting point instead of just pictures, jobs or interests, the first contact becomes deeper and more meaningful. Understanding and empathy for each other is built faster and it becomes easier to assess long-term compatibility. By focusing on values, you are encouraged to a more personal and open communication that creates trust and a sense of affinity, parameters that are often needed to get to a first date.

Conversations about values are a powerful tool for building empathy and understanding of each other's similarities as well as differences in a relationship.

If you have many values in common, it will be easier to make joint decisions in life. Therefore, many relationship experts believe that many common values are the secret to long-term romantic relationships. That said, a relationship with few common values can also be rewarding and developing where you learn a lot from each other. But it places higher demands on communication in the relationship.

Our valuation exercise begins with you building your own valuation tree where you are guided through a mapping of your inner values in 10 minutes. As a single, you are then matched with others based on these values.