Relate Love Lab #6

Relate Love Lab #6

Get better at being met

Relate's popular online series for everyone who wants to get better at romantic relationships
FEB 10, 2021 07:00-08:30 PMLIVE ON ZOOM

Welcome to Relate Love Lab - a place for everyone (singles and couples) who wants to learn more about how to build meaningful and healthy relationships that stand the test of time.

Join us and our relationship experts and psychologists every other Wednesday on an exploring and learning journey with different themes on relationship building. Thoughtful and reflective evenings with new insights that help singles to navigate in their search for a partner, and help couples build an even more meaningful and sustainable relationship.

The events are free and are happening live over Zoom. Each event is independent and without a specific order, and you are always welcome to join in and just watch.

#6: Get better at being met

This evening we will be led by professional matchmaker Lemarc Thomas. The workshop will be focused on the core of romantic relationships, that place where you feel safe, at ease and loved; where you are met by another and your system says yes, I am in harmony. As children it is our parents’ responsibility to take care of our emotional needs. So in adult relationships it becomes easy to transfer that responsibility to our romantic partners. But this is like giving your partner a child to look after, resulting in neither of you feeling fulfilled.

This workshop offers a new framework for being met in your needs: Gifting. The intention: When my partner meets me in my needs, it’s a gift. it’s not their job. I say thank you for meeting that need. If my partner meets me in that need every day, I will be grateful every day, without expectation.

We will explore that place where you feel safe, at ease and loved, to discover your core relationship needs. We will practice communicating wishes, desires, or needs and we will practice receiving what you have asked for.

You will get to:

  • Learn a new framework for managing emotional needs in relationships
  • Discover your core relationship needs
  • Let go of childlike expectations of your partner and practice a higher level of consciousness in relationships
  • Practice communicating wishes, desires, or needs to others
  • Practice receiving what you ask for
  • Take control of your needs and get them fulfilled