Relate Love Lab #23

Relate Love Lab #23

Let's have a good fight!

Relates populära onlineserie för alla som vill bli bättre på romantiska relationer
APR 4, 2022 7-8 PMLIVE PÅ ZOOM

From what are you fighting ABOUT to what are you fighting FOR

We don't have a 1000 fights… we have one fight a 1000 times!

Let’s talk about what you are fighting FOR and not what you are fighting about!

Following our first Love Lab, “How do you manage your Hot Buttons?” Watch the recording: we present an important and complementary teaching on the nature of conflicts. 

As we saw in our first workshop, we get into fights in order to get our needs met – often unconsciously and from a relatively immature place. So we defend (aggressively, or passively, fight). But what might be possible when we let go of the blame story (what you are fighting ABOUT) and shift to a more proactive way of empowering ourselves and our partner (what are you fighting FOR)? We move from a childhood way of relating, to a more mature, adult way. In this workshop, we’ll look at what we want to find in our relationship. Of course, it still IS about our needs. But this time we’ll look at the upside of why we relate.

We still “need” conflict. We all have an underlying purpose and message underneath our arguments. But we get caught up in the negative narrative, our vital stories. The way through this is still about identifying the needs underlying our complaints, criticism and judgments. But that’s only half the job. It’s equally as important, perhaps more important to ask: What are you fighting FOR? We’ll present a framework that helps us through that juggling act!

We warmly welcome you to join us on the 4th of April 2022 at 7pm CET.

PS. We wish to see many of you dare to use the camera and we also hope that you who are in a relationship take a date together on the couch with one (1) shared screen. The evening will not include any break-out rooms until the conclusion, then those of you who have a desire to catch up may stay and round up together.