Relate Cycling

Relate Ride on Strava. Since 2018, Relate has been changing the way you experience dating, while also transforming relationships. Our app uses your personal values and artificial intelligence, leaving you with great suggestions of people to ride with. Go on magic romantic dates catered by our unique way of finding the right partner for you. Just like you, we're people who love to be active. In the water, on the bike, by foot - see how your training can improve your life and your relationship with Relate.

Strava Events: Experience a new way of dating

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Only available in Sweden at the moment. We regularly host events on Strava to match you up with an awesome partner to ride with for each event. You will both get matched up in the app prior to the event and can chat and together decide on the location and trail for your ride.


  1. Download Relate Date
  2. Signup and complete your profile

How to participate:

  1. Join our cycling club on Strava
  2. Participate in one of our events on Strava
  3. One day prior to the event you will get a match in Relate Date
  4. You together decide on the location for your ride
  5. When you meet, don't forget to start your GPS
  6. Upload your ride to Strava as usual